As I’ve read about the possible expansion of martial law in the Philippines and Trump complementing…

Thanks nderground. Presently the killings focus on the poor & disenfranchised…with a few political & gangland scores getting settled in the dust-up. Fortunately I’m neither young nor poor enough to merit entry onto a kill-list, nor rich enough to be arrested “for ransom.”

One interesting development though is that lately younger vigilantes are being hired to kill older vigilantes — and uncooperative police or police who know too much. 
Many of us are doing whatever we can to generate opposition to martial law. There’s actually more of us than there is of them, but we still have to see how that comes out. The post-Marcos constitution puts some heavy limits on martial law, but Congressional opposition is critical to that protection — the House is a corrupt rubber-stamp & the Senate fairly cowed. The Supreme Court is the final recourse, but more judges were appointed by corrupt presidents than anti-corruption ones, so money still talks even at that level. We’ll see. Like America, we’ll almost certainly get the government we deserve — whatever that turns out to be.

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