Wittgenstein: Why Should You Expand Your Vocabulary?
Niklas Göke

Wittgenstein has been a fatal attraction for me for years now. I say fatal attraction because more than one highly intelligent person has warned me that reading him endangers my sanity. (Others have told me the same thing about Joyce’s Ulysses, oddly enough.) How could I resist!

That Wittgenstein is also a major off-stage character in DFW’s first Squibblenaddler, The Broom of the System somehow adds credence to both the crazy-making & philosophical connections. You’ll notice I leave linguists and programmers out of this discussion. The latter seem to have very little but beetle boxes (though for the most part communicate well enough within their language group), while the former specialize in conditioning your mind into believing that whatever you say you mean is really whatever they say you mean —thus you already agree with them but lack the intellectual capacity to properly understand and express their point of view. Good luck with that! I prefer the Wittgenstein brand of Squibblenaddler.