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People, the one thing that is so glaringly evident with the Trump supporters, and the one’s holding the press conferences. We all can see clearly on their faces, and with the uncertainty of their answers to questions posed to them. They all know they are lying in what they are reporting, yet, they give up all of their credibility, when they choose to support Trump. Who deliberately tells lie’s everyday of his life, with every word that he speaks when he opens his mouth to say something. Trump lies just to hear himself talk. Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee bott know those facts to be true. But, both of them are willing to given up their credible integrity, just to show Trump they would lie for him under any circumstance. Even if it’s so true, they are lying in a deliberate manner, just because they are republicans. All republicans put party over country or any good sense they might use in expressing the truth. Trump demands his supporter lie, and he demands they support his lies, or he will turn on them in a heartbeat. Trump has made puppets and robots out of Spicer and Huckabee. Both of them are programmed to do whatever it is that Trump demands of them. And, the first demand Trump has for his followers. They all have to be willing and able to lie continuously, even when they know they are lying. It pitful, but, being a Trump supporter requires that you become the pathological liar that he is, and you have to do it when you know it’s not the truth………………………..Mac

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