How To Violently Prevent Trump From Taking Power
Michael Tracey

As a descendant of a settler of the Mayflower, I am astounded at your vapidity. Neither you nor your snowflakes could learn any of those things you talk about. My granddaughters are tougher than any of you.

Get over it. You lost because Hillary is a criminal. She totally ignored the fly over states because she was going to cheat to win. It’s almost like she forgot all about the electoral college and George Bush’s defeat of Gore. How idiotic.

I am laughing and cheering hard that Trump won. I knew he would. It was obvious to anyone who payed attention to social media that he was 100 times more popular on social media than Killary. He also doesn’t have a long string of dead bodies in his history. So many strange murder/suicides to her credit. We could not allow her to rule over us like Obama had. NOT HAPPENING! And We The People made sure it didn’t happen despite all of the vote tampering SHE did! Don’t make me laugh. You couldn’t learn military tactics because you would cry and need your safe space. Maybe Soros could rent some mercs. Melt away snowflake!! All mouth and NO substance.

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