Lord, what a mess.

Ok, I read as far as the body hair part and then had to reply.

I’m a cis woman. Like most, I experimented with shaving as a teen. I stopped bothering in college. I don’t get backlash for that. It’s an acceptable (and practically expected) thing for feminist cis women to do.

But trans women? If they don’t perform femininity to the highest degree, conform strictly to conventional female beauty and grooming standards? Doctors doubt that they’re women and refuse to provide treatment. OP doesn’t want to transition, and that’s fine, but for women who do want to transition, not shaving pits & legs could be enough for a doctor to refuse to prescribe estrogen or other transition care. Additionally, it can make passing harder, which makes these women more subject to violence.

I’m never going to be attacked by a stranger on a bus because they saw my hairy leg. That’s my cis privilege.