IOTA Wallet Refresh: Onboarding
Navin Ramachandran

I have a few questions. First I really like this design as I previously needed to generate my own seeds which was awkward because I had to script that myself and I doubt many people know how to do that, nor do they trust an online “seed generator”. So excellent job on that, and the information flow is much more explicit. I am very happy about that.

For those of us who use pass (aka The Standard Unix Password Manager) it would be desirable to be able to create arbitrary-length seeds (say 1KiB seeds). Would this improve security? Would this be possible?

Is the 81, 27 bit-per-character seed good enough? It only provides only about 385 bits of entropy.

Why can’t we use passphrases or the whole ascii space? Or perhaps the whole visible ascii space?

What’s the deal with 99999… in transactions? TX tags seem to be 999999999.

As consumers of a product we don’t know all your internalized knowledge (which comes natural to you, so you forget to mention it), so it’d be great if you guys also put this knowledge into the app. It’s very helpful for the rest of us who don’t fully understand every part of the system.

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