FromScratch, a Place to Doodle With Words.

Product: FromScratch
Price: Free

FromScratch is a simple and smart note-taking application.

  • No User Interface, except the text you type.
  • Launches instantly.
  • Tiny memory footprint.
  • Saves automatically.
  • Indents automatically.
  • Replaces common syntax with symbols, such as arrows.
  • Cross-platform and open source. It is available for Linux, Windows and OS X.

FromScratch is a small little app you can keep open all the time and take notes in. You can use it as a task list. A depository of thoughts. A place you store the links you run into while web browsing. Just a bucket to drop random notes into.

Saves automatically, so you never lose the content. At the end of the day, you can transfer what you need to individual files in a text editor. FromScratch is just a place to doodle with words.

FromScratch has no preferences. It uses a font called Fira Code and it has only three keyboard commands:

  1. ⌃ + Up Arrow: Move current line up.
  2. ⌃ + Dn Arrow: Move current line dn.
  3. ⌃ + d: Delete current line

That is it.

I like it.

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