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Product: YouTube Converter 2 | Softorino
Price: $19.99

I like single task utilities. These are the utilities which set out to perform a single task and do it well. YouTube Converter 2 from Softorino is one of those utilities.

Keep It Icon

Product: Keep It
Price: $49.99

Keep It belongs to the category of products I call a “Digital Dump”. Like Evernote, this is the repository of files that you want to keep around and search periodically to reach the pebbles of wisdom that are contained in them. …

iA Writer Icon

Product: iA Writer: The Focused Writing App for Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad
App Store: iA Writer
Price: $29.99. Free upgrade from version 4.0

Version 5.0 of iA Writer got released today. I have been testing the beta out for the past couple of months. The application retains its…

Highland 2 Icon

Product: Highland 2 | Quote-Unquote Apps
Mac App Store: Highland 2
Price: $29.99 for a limited time; $49.99 after.

Highland 1.0 was a text editor built around Fountain | A markup language for screenwriting..

Highland 2 adds Markdown to its considerable Fountain skills to make it an unique addition to…

Bear icon

Bear — Notes for iPhone, iPad and Mac is updated to version 1.5.

The update brought us the following:


Writing a journal — Thord D. Hedengren

Why Journal?

You can keep a journal for many reasons, but only one actually matters. You’re keeping a journal for you.

I keep a journal. It lets me look at myself. Lets me think about my reaction to different stimuli. The goal is introspection. It lets me take some time…

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iOS and Mac OS X tips and tricks

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