My Turning point.

“Macrine you are being called by Dorcas,” Ivy came in rushing. She was so happy, I was confused. Why was Dorcas calling me ? I thought I had given up already. This is how it all started.

I found Dorcas and she hugged me. She was like, let’s go to the Principal. Why were we going to the principal? “God, what was happening!” I kept asking myself. The Principal was overjoyed at the sight of us, why? I was still lost.

“Girls, I’m so happy! You have really made me proud! So we got ourselves tech geeks! I never thought this would ever happen…” That is when it dawned on me that my team ‘The Restorers’ had won. We were proceeding to the World Pitch Summit, Technovation Challenge 2017. I never thought I would be visiting the great Silicon Valley any time soon. This was sooner than I expected!

San Francisco, California. My hard work is taking me, where I have always dreamed of going. THE CAPITAL OF HIGH TECH!

Synthia, Ivy, Stacy, myself (Macrine) and Purity

Working with Stacy, Synthia, Purity and Ivy is the best thing that ever happened in my life. If I had not gone to the computer room on that Thursday, I would not have been part of this great team.

This is a new journey that I am set to take with everyone now looking up to me. Everyone igniting more energy to bring all their dreams to fruition to achieve what God has planned for them.

With God nothing is impossible.iCut is now part of me. Thank you for all your support.