Varieties of Undershirts

Well its summer now and pretty soon guys will start wearing undershirts to make them feel cool. No matter what places you hit, during summers you can put on undershirts and roam around the town like that. So you all are surely wondering what an undershirt is and what are the options? Then get ready to learn all about it and incorporate them in your day to day fashion.

History and origin

In the history of early humans, someone decided to stick a thin layer under their overall clothing to absorb sweat and was called undershirt. Along with evolution, the definition of undershirt has changed. It is something which can be wore as a casual thin, lightweight garment to chill out in summers or go casual dressing. Also many people used to wear undershirts to avoid soiling their uniforms s its thinner than other clothing, it is easier to wash and also helps to beat the scorching summer.

Functions of an undershirt

Generally it is worn to absorb sweat and to create a layer between your body and your expensive clothes. It also provides insulation when needed but mostly used as a sweat rag. It is much like underwear for your upper body. There are different types of undershirt for different type of activities or season.

undershirts for men

Types of undershirts

1. White cotton tank tops - Wear them inside your formal shirts to absorb sweat and tuck them in and keep your shirts buttoned high enough not to allow the neck line visible. They are lot more cheaply as they are considered underwear for your upper body.
2. Crew neck T-shirts - High neck round t-shirt worn inside the high buttoned shirt or can be worn separately to give a smart look only if you own a good physique. .
3. V neck T-shirts - Replacing the crew neck with the v neck will help you wear shirts with a few buttons left undone. The depth of the v shape may vary and now a days, broad v neck t-shirts are coming to show off your shoulder and chest.
4. Long sleeved t-shirts - It works the same as for the simple undershirt but adds some extra insulation during winters. It can be worn inside the winter garments to keep you warm throughout.
5. Athletic undershirt - You can wear them while exercising. It helps in absorbing sweat and also provides a nice fit. It comes in dark colors and also in vividly bright colors. They also have logos made to show them while exercising.

You got a lot of options to choose from. Look for your type of undershirt and buy undershirts for men for your various dressing needs. Either go formal by wearing them inside or go casual by wearing them outside.