Colleges vs Coworkers

Hi there. Today I worked with my friend in a co-working place and I thought, maybe it worth to change my lifestyle. Then I looked at the instagram of my friend, who is a freelancer. He travels and has a lot of things, he would remember in the future. It’s not the first time I wanted to switch off the office. You would ask me probably, what was wrong with that times I had tried before. So basically, the answer is in the approach I used to become a freelancer. I looked at upwork and tried to search some projects. The result of searching was not that one I had expected to get. A lot of projects with a huge amount of work and low pricesvas low as it could be. It demotivated me the most. But what wonders me even now the amount of bets under that projects with even lower prices. After that I came back to work and forgot about that idea. Today I said to myself: “not this time”. Still I’m not sure if this appointment would be successful, but we’ll check it out in a few weeks. Now I want to find an opportunity to get a full time remote job. I have already got some propositions from recruiters, but to be honest, I don’t like them. Obviously I understand, that it wouldn’t be as easy as getting a small project at the upwork, but I realised that it’s really the thing I want to try. Some time ago I was on a conference, there was a man, who presented the upwork. And he said, when you are a freelancer, your coworkers are not your colleagues. That’s it, you can be wherever you want to be with people you really want to be with and work on that laptop you want to work on, etc. Sound weird maybe, but the key is that as a freelancer you have a choice, which you don’t have in the office. Of course it’s more difficult. First you would need to find a job, it is not so easy. You’d have to find a co-working place, pay for it or sit at home. You would have to find people who want to work with you. You would have to buy a laptop and all the other stuff you’d need. It’s hard, but possible. Then you will be able e.g. fly somewhere with your friends. You don’t need to get a vacation for it. Just fly at a weekend and continue as usual.

PS I haven’t got there yet, but will appreciate to hear some success stories in comments.