Google Photo Is Good and Free But Still Not Worth For Me To Switch from iCloud Photo Back Up Because It Compresses Files

Lately, the big players, Apple and Google, have gotten involved in the photo backup and syncing business. Apple recently revealed iCloud Photo, which allows you to store your photos and videos online and also have them sync across your Macs and iOS devices. Apple’s service isn’t free, as you have a large photo library (or even a somewhat small one) you will pay for storage about 5 GB of storage.

Right now I am paying $10 per month ($9.99) for 500 GB of data to Apple. Ideally I would like 1 TB per month, but that costs $20 per month ($19.99).

So Google recently revealed Google Photo where the big news is that it is free for photo backup. But the catch is the free version compresses your photos when it uploads them to Google Photo. For me, that is a big issue. I generally take my photos with my iPhone 6, but I also have a Panasonic GH4 camera and also take pictures in the RAW format. This screenshot on this link shows you that one of my RAW photos is 16mb in file size.

When I upload it to Google Photo, you can see that Google indicates the megapixels of the photo (15.9 MP) and the new file size in the screenshot below. It indicates that the photo size was compressed to 1.6 MB.

When I download the photo backdown to my iMac, the files size stays pretty much the same, 1.7 MB according to this screenshot.

Google does allow you to upload photos at full resolution but that requires that you pay Google for that privilege about the first 15 GB which are free.

As shown here, for 100 GB, Google charges $2 per month ($1.99 per month) and for 1 TB it charges $10 per month ($9.99 per month).

So Apple pretty much costs twice as much as Google. I predict Apple will soon lower its iCloud storage price to match. But right now there are big advantages for my using iCloud Photo as my primary backup rather than Google Photo. The main thing is that it all works well with my iOS Photo apps and my iMacs Photo app. Google has not yet released a Photo app for the Mac, although it is planning to. But even then, I need for it to work seamlessly with my Apple Photo apps on iOS and the Mac.

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