Android users can use Apple Music App now

After nine months, Apple Music is out of beta for Android users. And now Apple Music is now available as a fully fledged app and service for owners of Android smartphones.

Of the big three music streaming players–that’s Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal–two have had an advantage, being available on both major mobile platforms, iOS and Android. Apple Music, on the other hand, lagged.

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In November of last year, Apple did open its Apple Music service to Android, but it was in beta, not officially primed for mainstream use. Beta, for the uninitiated, is often far more buggy since it’s like a soft-opening for a hotel or restaurant, implemented to get the kinks out before an official launch. Apple Music’s beta lasted nine months.

The Android flavor is similar to its iPhone counterpart in that you can stream more than 30 million songs, check out on-demand curated radio stations with your favorite music, listen to playlists created by music experts and tune into the 24–7 Beats 1 radio station to hear music selected by DJs from around the world.

The Android version also includes new equalizer settings as well as unnamed performance, playback and stability improvements, Apple said in its description of the app.

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