Better match and sync Apple Music to iTunes Match

Apple Music allows users to sync and match the paid music songs of iTunes, but it has clashes with iTunes Match.

Finally Apple Inc. seems to fix this problem. According to the Loop news, iTunes Match can match and sync with iCloud Music and paid music with voiceprint pairing. This seems better that Apple Music sync with the old version of iTunes Match by metadata to pairing.

After the new version’s update, Apple Music can match the music data correctly, and won’t match the concert version with the studio version by mistake. This is very great.

In other words, in the new version, if you are an Apple Music users, you can also get the iTunes Match service.

If you find, iCloud state of iTunes has set in “paired (Matched)” word, as evidenced by the new functionality has been added to your Apple Music, no, then it may be because the data is still being paired it.

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