What to do when MacBook doesn’t charge up?

It gets really frustrating when your MacBook won’t charge. It’s one of the joyful feelings of buying an Apple laptop is that we can unplug it from the mains and can use it anywhere which is sensible only if it holds a charge. In this blog, we will discuss what happens when your Apple laptop won’t charge up or doesn’t hold a charge.

What all you need to do is:

1. Go through the basics-
Few things to check like-
a. Is the device plugged in? Is the MagSafe connection plugged in or not?
b. Apple adaptor connected properly as laptop adaptor comes in two parts either square adaptor or a removable plug.
c. Plugged in to wall socket? Have you switched on the wall socket? Have you tried a different wall socket?
d. Go to the battery icon and check whether you required replace it or not?

2. Check the Settings-
Have a look on Settings that might be draining the system’s charging. For this, go to System preferences and choose Settings> Energy saver. Check that Display Sleep and Computer Sleep are set to ‘Never’.

3. Apple’s solutions-
It has three recommendations if your device’s doesn’t charge properly:
a. First reset the battery. Remove it if you have an older Apple laptop.
b. Reset the SMC- It can help with power and battery related problems. 
c. Get your Mac services or replace the battery in case SMC doesn’t work.

4. Reset System Management Controller-
Below are the steps that you need to follow on a new MacBook (With non-removable battery):
a. First shut down the MacBook.
b. Now, connect to MagSafe power adapter.
c. Press Control+Shift+Option and the Power button for 5 seconds. And release all four together.
d. Now to start up the Mac, press the Power button.

MacBook Support Australia for fixing the battery issue at 1–800–875–274

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