For Good Men To See Nothing
Ken Burnside

This was an excellent write-up — thank you!

The only thing I would add: CREATE A SAFE TABLE. A lot of us may not be store owners but we are GMs, Judges, Tourney organizers, and all of us are players. Change starts with one table at a time when it comes to gaming and if you’re leading a table call it out from the get-go. Set ground rules for your table — nip this content immediately and name it right away.

Yeah, it’s risky. You might lose players who think you’re being too dramatic. Ask yourself: do you really wanna play with people like that anyway? You might risk friendships with people that, if you’re honest, have always skirted the line and when you call the behavior out they might feel targeted. You might “offend” someone by asking people to not be offensive (a weird paradox, I know).

So. What.

It’s worth it to protect those who are being victimized. Thanks for inspiring us, Ken.

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