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BOE Meeting:

A dramatic enrollment decrease was announced and stricter dress code rules established during Hattiesburg Board of Education Meeting Thursday morning.

Assistant superintendent Max Hoemmeldorfer reported that enrollment this school year dropped by 200 students to 1,050. The board accepted the report and then proceeded to pass a group of new rules proposed by the administration.

The new rules will prohibit female students from wearing miniskirts. It will prohibit all students from wearing blue jeans. Male students will also not be allowed to wear hair below their ears.

“This is the third year we’ve lost enrollment. The future looks bleak,” Hoemmeldorfer said. The board then accepted a low bid from Farmer’s Dairy to provide milk to the school at one half cent a pint.

Faculty in Plane Crash:

Associate professors, John Dumount and George Johnson, from Backwater State University were aboard the TWA jet that crashed during takeoff at Kennedy International Airport and managed to escape without injury.

Forty-five passengers and crew members were aboard the TWA jet. Five persons were killed in the crash. Dumount and Johnson were both returning Thursday night from separate conferences in New York City and were aboard the same TWA jet.

Meeman Speaks:

Pulitzer Prize winner and noted author, Norman Meeman, spoke at the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library to an audience of 67 about life experiences over college courses.

Meeman spoke at 4:30 p.m. in Room 11. Meeman won the Pulitzer Prize two years ago for his book, My Life as Far as It Goes.

“You can’t be a great writer by imitating the styles of prize-winning authors. You’ve got to get out and sample life, learn how other people live, and then let your inner feelings pour out. These parodies they assign in college English courses are a bunch of hogwash,” Meeman said.

Professor Wins Award:

The annual George Washington Honor Medal winners were announced by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, last week.

Among the 32 winners was Clement Crabtree, a professor of horticulture. Crabtree was cited for his essay called “Plan for Peace” in which he urged distribution of free packets of red, white and blue flower seeds in foreign nations.