7 Ways To Get A Better Sleep: College Edition

As a college student, sleep is a big key to success whether you are in sports, music, clubs and most importantly, your classes. I love to sleep and I want to help you in on my passion and the secrets it takes to accomplish a great nights sleep. Here are some tips:

  1. Create a Self Alarm: By waking up and going to bed at the same time each day you can create a bodily routine. Always set an alarm just incase, especially as a beginner because you have to get in the habit of things and adjust. Benefits: If you do this everyday your body can become immune to the times and when you wake up and will be ready for the day and not be so drowsy and slow!
  2. Watch What You Eat & Drink: Eating healthy may seem like it helps everything, but it truly does help your body function better, making it easier to fall asleep. Discomfort from junk food can keep you up and prevent a good nights sleep. Benefits: A healthy choice is a good choice and their are so many benefits not just for a better sleep.
  3. Have A Nighttime Routine: By setting a routine each night you can go to bed with a calm mind and body. Beware of watching television before bed or texting/social media right before bed because it can really interfere with sleep. Benefits: A night time routine allows you to tell your body to wind down
  4. Don’t Take Naps: This is an obvious one, but be careful with naps. In between class a nap always seems like a great option, but once you go to bed you end up staring at the ceiling for hours. Benefits: By the time you get to going to bed you’ll be tired and ready to sleep rather than staying up all night regretting the fact that you took a nap.
  5. Include Exercise in Your Day-to-Day Routine: Exercising each day can promote better sleep. Also, keep in mind not to exercise too close to when you go to bed because that will only keep you up at night. Benefits: Exercising supports falling asleep faster and into a deeper sleep as well.
  6. Do Your Work in the Day: For me, I personally like getting my homework done in the day versus staying up late hours. I think that if you get your work done early you have more time to do leisurely things and you might even get to bed early. Benefits different based on what time of day you work best, but I always love the feeling of have everything done by 8 o’clock at night or earlier.
  7. Don’t Eat An Hour Before You Go To Bed: Eating before bed can cause discomfort and food can’t not digest as quickly when you are still and laying down. Although, it is unhealthy to go to bed hungry, so a tiny snack won’t hurt. Benefits: It helps to sleep more comfortably allowing for a deeper sleep and more soothing night.

Follow all or some of these tips in order to be up and refreshed for the dreadful 8am’s and have more time in your day for yourself. It is also healthy to wake up early and go to bed at an early or decent time in the night and those students tend to have higher GPAs than those who don’t according to a Texas University study. This can especially be great for junior’s and senior’s at the college level because they are getting close to having a career and with a career you have to be ready and on your game at all times even if it means at 7 or 8 am!