Running a business is as much about networking as anything else. And being in the tech marketing business we regularly get the opportunity to meet smart, brave, creative people who blow our minds. Sometimes we’re so blown away by what these individuals are building and bringing to the world, by the reasons they’re doing it and the journey they’ve had, that we have to tell everyone (good thing we’re in marketing). Some things are obviously going to be interesting (beer and sex, for example, duh), but other things have surprised us by how interesting they actually are (regtech, hello?) …

Today with Google, Facebook and AMAZON dominating the online space,the line between marketing and platform has become totally blurred. The focus has shifted from the customer to the media the customer consumes. Such is the obsession with all things digital, marketeers have overlooked the obvious fact that digital marketing is the optimisation of another channel of communication in the whole mix of media being consumed.

Of course everything today is digital. Consumers habits have not changed that much, we do a lot more of the same sorts of things we’ve always done. …

Welcome to the fourth and final post in our series, AI and the Consumer. What is AI again? Originally, in the 50s, the fathers of artificial intelligence, Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy, described AI as any task performed by a program or a machine that we would say would ordinarily take human intelligence to accomplish. Which is quite simplistic and as a result fierce debates continue over what makes something truly AI.

Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

Many people still think of AI as a human-like entity, a robot — but this is only one manifestation of AI. For the purposes of this article about…

Data equals power

Big Data has had a bad rap from the perspective of consumers, consolidated by data manipulation events like the Cambridge Analytica Brexit intervention and US election meddling. From a consumer’s point of view Big Data has developed a persona not dissimilar to Big Brother. Add AI into the mix and a dystopian picture starts to emerge with all-knowing robots on the horizon coming to steal all our jobs and probably ultimately chuck us off the planet.

But, obviously, that’s all nonsense. Or at least there’s a ways to go before then. In the meantime serious people are…

Deep learning has the potential to make ads powerfully personalised.

But what is it? Why will it be better than what went before and how can it help a brand realise and maintain its potential in a post-GDPR world?

Deep learning is a facet of machine learning that utilises artificial neural networks that learn by watching, interpreting and then suggesting. Much like a human brain. Importantly the complex algorithms don’t need input from humans — deep learning can take place without human supervision.

What could this mean for your brand?

Targeted ads make use of data mining to target the…

Good customer service is vital for good business. Everybody knows this, and yet so many businesses fail to prioritise it or continue to get it wrong. As businesses get more digital, a voice at the end of the phone or a message in a chatbox, is often a customer’s first interaction with the brand. First impressions last.

As consumers we want the ‘human touch’ in our interactions with brands — we want to feel heard and understood; reassured that, should anything go wrong, it will be empathetically dealt with and rectified on the other end.

There are times when trying…

“We’re tired of hidden fees and charges, endless paper forms, and nothing quite working in the way we’d expect.” What might sound like an entitled Millennials’ lament is in fact Tom Blomfield talking about the motivation behind Monzo, a banking app he co-founded in 2015, now valued at around £65 million. Blomfield is in his early thirties and that’s just to make the point that he is a Millennial. Make of that what you will.

Millennials don’t queue
For the purposes of this article Blomfield’s words might form the basis of what it is that those born into the digital…

Contracts and regular people
What do we know about contracts? First of all, what happened to you physically when you read that question? Did you, perhaps, wince slightly, tense-up? Maybe not a physical response: a slight switching-off in the brain, maybe even a desire to cry? Well, that’s all perfectly normal because, let’s face it, for a lot of people contracts are a notorious pain in the neck. For many who hear the word ‘smart contract’ their first thought is that contracts are already too smart for their own good.

Quick review of the blockchain
Originally created in order to facilitate…

A recent report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that despite a higher percentage of people between the ages of 25 and 35 contributing to workplace pensions since 2012, overall savings have fallen from £12.8bn to £12.2bn. According to Professional Pensions, this situation is unprecedented.

Combine diminishing pensions with the wariness the youngest generation of career-starters feel about the volatility of the financial markets and the integrity of ‘bankers’ (a natural consequence of the last financial crisis, plus the housing crisis, plus brexit, plus the environment…)it’s no wonder alternative lifestyle options — makes sense for millennials.

Underpinning a…

Marcello Mari is mad4digital’s newest recruit joining in an advisory capacity as Head of ICO Strategy leading the design, development and execution of ICO campaigns. As a marketing agency with a clear focus on tech in general and everything blockchain in particular, it is with real pleasure and excitement that we welcome someone with Marcello’s skill-set and credentials on board.

Marcello has served as head of PR and Blockchain to two of the most successful ICOs of the last 10 months, having raised $36 million in 60 seconds with AI project, SingularityNet, and $575 million in private sale with media…

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