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The new ending that Liman came up with isn’t better than the original ending.

Here’s the original:


The ghost approaches the wall, rifle still in his hand. Thirty six dog tags hang from his neck and jingle as he steps forward. The ghost peers out to the body of his comrade hanging from the tree. He gestures to the body and: GHOST (says a short prayer in arabic)

The ghost peers down at the body below him and pulls the dog tag from around his neck.

He strolls off into the distance, the setting sun and places the bloody dog tag over his own neck.

GHOST (CONT’D) (A short prayer in arabic ending with the name he reads from the dog tag): Brandon Hobbs.

The headless body lying in the rubble begins to move — — From underneath Locke emerges — pistol in hand — taking aim as the ghost saunters off, some twenty feet away.

 The ghost stops, almost knowingly but doesn’t turn around. FADE TO BLACK.

SUPERIMPOSE: Juba (ghost) the pseudonym of the sniper involved in the Iraqi insurgency. He has claimed to have killed at least 37 American soldiers. Juba mysteriously disappeared in 2009, never being caught. Dead or alive…