[DOWNLOAD -PDF-] Understanding Social Work: Preparing for Practice PDF By Neil Thompson

[PDF BOOK] Understanding Social Work: Preparing for Practice pdf By — Neil Thompson
The everyday role of the social worker is to help improve the lives of people who are, in some form, struggling. It is a challenging role, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.Now in its fourth edition Understanding Social Work continues to be the essential introduction to this complex field of practice. Getting to the heart of what social work is all about, it answers those questions that are fundamental to the role: What is social work? How is it carried out? What skills does it require? And what are the challenges? Whether you’re considering a career in social work, already in training, or looking for a refresher guide, this book provides a picture of social work for what it truly is: its difficulties, its demands and its rewards. Written to engage and stimulate the reader, each chapter features:? Voice of experience boxes offering professional guidance and handy tips from experienced practitioners. ? Practice focus features that illustrate the challenges of training and

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