Getting rich is actually the beginning of the journey

All of us dream to be rich. To live in a palatial house, to own a fleet of sports cars, to make heads turn with respect and admiration when we enter a room, etc, etc. Let’s face it…all of us dream about being rich, being successful, making it big in life. And hence, getting rich is usually our end destination…the finish line towards which we are racing…the point where our stories are supposed to end with the line ‘and I lived happily ever after.’ etched on it.

You believe in this too. Think about it. But my question is — is it true? Is getting rich really the last milestone of your life? The end of your journey? What happens if you win a lottery, or get an inheritance, or crack a major business deal and reach that level of success and wealth that you have always dreamt of, only to lose it in the next 2 days? What then? You haven’t ever thought about this right? Well, none of us does really, unless someone pokes a finger in your eye and asks you to see it. That person today is me. And you need to see…that getting rich is actually the ‘beginning’ of your journey and not the end!

The importance of ‘getting rich’ being the start of the journey

They say if you aim for the stars, you will land up on the moon. So if you aim to get rich, you will always land up short of it. You need to tell yourself that the starting point of your journey is getting rich, so there is no option but to be rich in the first place. Affirming yourself this develops the right money mindset for success in the first place. Most of us never become rich simply because we do not possess the right mindset. So realizing this start of the journey is crucial.

Importance of ‘staying rich’ once you are there

The real journey is not really in getting rich but to sustain the wealth and the success once you attain it. All rich people would say the same thing, that it is where the journey starts, not the end at all. People who understand this earlier, focus on financial education more than money itself since they want to learn how to make money as well as keep the money once it is there. This is the second stage of preparing yourself to be rich. If you only focus on money, it will never come to you. Only and only financial education can show you the right path towards money and more importantly the right path in staying rich later on.

The journey itself

The actual journey is to keep being rich and not lose it all. When a person suddenly becomes rich, he/she tends to over-spend it all in all his dreams…the houses, the cars, the world tours. Of course one should do them too. But financial education tells you what are really assets and really liabilities. Things which always eat up your money without making money themselves are all liabilities. Your car, the palatial house, the trip would never make money for you hence they can’t afford to use up all your money. They can at best be a small percentage. Your real journey entails you to know how much to save, how much to invest and where and how much to spend and how. And that is your real journey, which starts from the moment you get rich. And financial education is your only true friend on that path.

So what are you waiting for? Get educated. Get rich. Stay rich.