You will not get rich by playing by the old rules of money

Most of us tend to cling on to certain things in a particular way just because we have been taught to do so. Particularly when it comes to money, we feel so unsafe at all points of time that worries deprive us of the real pleasure that money is capable of bestowing on us. We feel threatened when we lack money and rush for accumulating the same without exactly knowing the real rules of the money game.

Get out of the addiction

Some situations I came across in life made me feel that I have become highly addicted to money. When this realization dawned on me, I exited out immediately to understand what it really means to have money and how I can become richer rather than an addict to the same. It was an addiction that was easy to get out.

Give respect & get back the same

Many a times, I have felt that money is the factor that saves me. In sharp contradiction, some situations made me feel that money is being highly unfair to me. All these roller coaster rides taught me that when I respect money, it reciprocates the same way by staying with me and multiplying in a rapid manner.

Financial freedom

Life’s ups and downs constantly taught me the real meaning of financial freedom. The common belief that having money in hand and spending on whatever we want to purchase or invest seemed to a delusion. I realized through experience that financial freedom, in reality, is the knowledge we have about money and how it really works.

Not spending will not make you rich

Unlike the yester years where people were guided by the belief system that the lesser you spend the richer you get, rules of money were changing. I saw many people becoming rich by spending money handsomely. I also noticed that they became rich by cutting down on areas where they needed to, at the right time. I realized that the new rule of the money game is not to lock it in the closet at home but to spend the same at the right time on the right thing

Let money do the work

The next rule I had to break was to stop working for money repeatedly day in and day out. I started thinking of ways to make my money work for me. When money started working for me through the prudent investments I made, I saw it growing right in front of my eyes.

Avoid being under money’s control

Money had so much of experience in controlling people’s decisions that I had to teach it a new lesson. I decided how much I will spend, save, invest, insure with the money in hand. When I started taking control over the money I had, the financial freedom I experienced was unbelievable

Knowledge about money is highly important

Investing money is not just releasing a financial instrument towards an attractive plan. I understood that I cannot become rich just by investing money on something unless I do it with prudence. Again, this prudence came from an in depth understanding about money and how it works.

Stop running… start attracting

The first and last step towards accumulating wealth is to stop running behind money. Instead, by taking prudent decisions about Money, we can make the ‘omnipotent power’ to stick to us attracting the same constantly

When I realized that the real meaning of money and financial freedom is knowledge about the same and how it works in the current scenario, it lead to the realization that you will not get rich by playing the old rules of money.