In Memory of Connor

Article by Soren Berman

Step Sister of Connor O’Keefe

Connor O’Keefe was a dear friend to many, gifted water polo player, and an amazing “Big Brother”. His gift of lighting up a room with his smile is something that will live on in everyone’s lives he touched. The light he brought to this world will sparkle in all of our hearts forever, he left his mark on the world as being a compassionate, friendly, and smiley young man. Although he left this world far too soon, his legacy of all of the qualities we love him for will live on endlessly.

I’m so blessed to have lived under the same roof as Connor and had him to look up to as a big brother. When blending our two families I was thrilled to have a senior varsity water polo playing big brother to look out for me in MAD, high school and in life. From his rides to school everyday to after school blender smoothie runs. He touched everyone’s lives he was apart of, and the loss of this amazing young man will strengthen our community in Santa Barbara and in the wonderful atmosphere of MAD and SBHS. His brothers Logan and Brady O’Keefe are soon to be Dons and I know that they’ll do a beyond amazing job living up to the O’Keefe name and legacy their amazing older brother left behind.

He was a big brother to all he met and made sure everyone who surrounded him was laughing and in a positive mood. The love and kindness he left on this earth is something that will continue to warm our hearts and lift our spirits in a tragic time like this.

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