MAD Freshman Class Design Movie Posters Based on Short Stories

A few months back the MAD freshmen english classes read various short stories as part of our “Coming of Age” unit. We read stories that then were turned into movie posters made with Adobe Illustrator. The freshmen class were given a choice of what story to turn into a poster. Ms.Williford (the MAD english teacher for freshmen) and AJ teamed up to do a cross curricular project, which was a unique and different experience. This was one of the last projects the freshmen class did using our beginner Illustrator skills, yet some of the pieces that the class produced were very intricate and well executed. The stories that were most commonly used for this project were “Oranges” by Gary Soto and “What Do Fish Have To Do With Anything?” by Avi. They both had easy to follow storylines with an underlying meaning that could be translated through Illustrator in numerous unique pieces. The projects shown here are some of the exceptionally creative takes on the stories.

Taylor Trider

In the short story “Oranges” a young boy tries to impress a girl he has feelings for. The poem takes place in winter and the imagery really helped us acquire a grasp on the poem and get a better understanding of it. The poem ends with him wanting to buy the girl chocolate but not having enough, but the nice cashier ends up letting it slide. The whole poem was very cute and easy to follow, the imagery, metaphors, and similes used helped us tremendously.


In the stanza from “The House On Mango Street” it follows the story of a pre teen girl experiencing and describing her life in a house she’s lived in forever. You can tell in the story that she doesn’t come from a wealthy family but she doesn’t let that stop her from pointing out all of the magical things she loves about her home. Ms.Williford chose to do a stanza from “The House On Mango Street” because this particular one really allowed us to get a good grasp on the girl’s feelings and the way she views her life and home.

In the short story “What Do Fish Have To Do With Anything?” by Avi a little boy living with his mother discovers a homeless man on his street. His mother forbids him to interact with the homeless man, but the boy goes against his mother’s wishes and connects with the man anyway. This story was chosen because it has a very good life lesson about treating others as equals and seeing beyond what lies on the surface

Brooke Clark

In the quick write “Viking’s Burial”, a young boy and his mother are at a lake and arguing whether or not they should give the boy’s dead father a Viking Burial. A Viking Burial is when a deceased individual is put on a burning ship and pushed off to sea. The mother is arguing that they should do it because it is what the father wanted. The son is telling her that they should not do it because setting a fire would be illegal and they should bury the father like other people. The story was quick but showed students that people have the capacity to decide what is right or wrong and how our ultimate decisions shape our lives.

Kiara Linver

In conclusion, this project was one of the more difficult ones because the students wanted to capture the stories in the best way possible. The freshman did a great job at using new Adobe Illustrator skills to make detailed and eye catching work. Being a freshman myself I can easily say that it was one of the harder projects, yet those skills I used have helped me build on my knowledge of converting lessons from class to class.

Article by Soren Berman and Julia Samuels

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