MAD Leadership Class Updates

Since the formation of this class way back in October, our five committees have been working tirelessly and have gotten a lot accomplished. Here are some progress reports written by the teams themselves:

Newsletter Committee

Emma Permé, Laura Esquivel, Eli Baur, Ben Speirs, and Soren Berman.

Our Newsletter Committee is a well-oiled machine. Emma is the committee president, aka the chief editor of the Newsletter. She assigns which stories the committee members write and decides when it is best appropriate to publish the Newsletter. Ben Speirs is the “IT guy.” He manages the photography and technological aspect of the Newsletter. Eli Baur is the communications manager. He communicates with teachers and administrators to find attractive content for our Newsletter. Laura Esquivel and Soren Berman are the valuable journalists, writing articles and conducting interviews with students and alumni. Last semester our committee designed a format, a solid distribution system, and sent out our first Newsletter. Looking forward, our goal for this semester is to branch out in our article content and research, and make sure we have an informative and engaging Newsletter being published every month. Stay tuned for our upcoming edition!

Social Media Committee

Isabell Gonzalez, Cole Creedon, Carolina Capua, Lily Pieramici, Paola Garcia Pacheco, and Sarah Jacobs.

The social media committee is a group in MAD Leadership that works together to manage the social presence of the MAD Academy. Our main objectives are to promote the MAD Academy in our local community, send reminders of events to students, and to share with our community what the MAD Academy is all about. We post student reminders, pictures of events, promotions for partnering organizations, and more. Led by Carolina and Cole the committee works together to come up with new ideas to make the Instagram a fun interactive face for the MAD Academy. Look for our upcoming posts about the sophomore retreat, the senior retreat, the MAD Gala, freshman work, sophomore blog highlight posts, and more!

Summer Camp

Isabell Gonzalez, Cole Creedon, Carolina Capua, Lily Pieramici, Paola Garcia Pacheco, and Sarah Jacobs.

The MAD Academy students have decided that we would like to offer a summer experience to junior high students through a summer camp. Our committee’s goal is to plan, obtain funding, and run a week long media and design based summer camp free for students in the Santa Barbara area. Students will explore topics such as film editing, photography, and adobe illustrator. During the first semester Summer Camp Committee, worked on applying for two grants, creating a logo, recruiting teachers, generating a general curriculum structure, and building a budget. During the second semester, the Summer Camp Committee continue to seek grant funding, confirm teachers and dates, design camp t-shirts, and launch the advertising campaign and website.

With the help of our fearless leader, Adriana, all of our committee members have been working hard! Sharp, Scott, and Matthew were our “go-to” guys: they both have been working on designing a website, working on a logo, working on MAD fliers, and even baking goodies for the bake sales! Alegra, Katie, Kinsey, and Callie have been spending most of their time fundraising and recruiting teachers and participants.

We are all looking forward to launching our 1st annual MAD Summer Camp! If you have anyone that may be interested in participating (teacher or student!), please visit our website at

We have also created a crowd sourcing page to help fundraise, as we are a non-profit and also provide resources for underprivileged children.

Mexico Leadership Committee

Grant Bennett, Ellie Chenoweth, Ineka Damen, Charley Meister, Jaden Power, Jacky Heras Mejia, Cole Kimball, and Caden Scheiblauer.

The MAD Mexico Committee is a group of 9 students that have been working diligently to ensure Service Learning trip is an exciting, education, and beneficial trip year after year. In addition to the 8 houses that were constructed outside of Tijuana, Mexico, we were able to make great additions to the trip this year by providing each family with a collection of basic necessities, MAD Mexico T-Shirts and gift baskets. These additions were made possible in part to the generous donations from Home Depot, Play-It-Again Sports, Calvin Klein, and Hayward Construction. Currently the Mexico Leadership Committee is working on potential areas of improvements and fundraising opportunities for the upcoming trips. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact us at In the meantime stay tuned for stories and photos from this year’s awesome trip!

The Events Committee

Jason Feinberg, Ryan Murphy, and Jorge Garcia.

Last semester the Events Committee focused on the Homecoming Princesses’ photos and the MAD holiday party. We had a successful holiday party in December, and enjoyed being able to mingle with our friends their families. This semester, we are focusing on creating a series of AP review sessions to help all SBHS students do well on their AP exams in May. Our former committee general manager, Shayne M, was a very valuable member of the team keeping us all on track. Now, in the second semester, our leader is now Ryan and Jason, who are working their hardest to put together end of the year events as the school year’s end comes closer. We are planning an end of the year field trip for our leadership class in which we will be visiting local technology related businesses, and learning what leadership looks like in the real world. If you have any suggestions for events you’d like to see happen in the MAD Academy, please let us know! Email Ryan Murphy at with any suggestions!

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