MAD Student Spotlight: Matty Pierce

At MAD we have many different students with different dreams and personalities. Every student at MAD has an interesting dream that they would like to share. We have interviewed a student about what they like most about MAD and what they hope to do in the future. If any one of your kids would like to share what like about MAD and what they hope to do the please email us at

Matthew Pierce is an outgoing, charismatic 16 year old in the MAD Academy. He was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California and is currently in 11th grade. In his MAD class he is currently learning how to edit and shoot videos, he would also like to pursue a career in that field.

A typical day for him is waking up, maybe surfing, heading to school, go surfing, coming home and do homework. Then taking a “looonnng bath.”

He also spends all of his free time surfing or exploring as well. As you can tell, he is very passionate about the water and ocean, without it he says, he ‘wouldn’t be able to live’.

Matthew is inspired by less fortunate people because they are always looking on the bright side despite their horrible living conditions. He says they are the most down to earth, loving people, and that inspires him to always have a positive attitude.

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