MAD Students Participate in Santa Barbara Film Festival 10–10–10 Competition

This year, the MAD academy is proud to announce that five of our students will be participating in the annual 10–10–10 film competition. The 10–10–10 competition is a relatively simple concept: gather 10 groups of students and give them 10 weeks to write, shoot, and edit a film each. Then, the 10 films are shown at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, there they are judged on both filmmaking and screenwriting quality. The MAD Academy is proud of its history of students’ success in the competition in past years.

Our first participant is Emily Hay, Emily is the director of her film “I Feel Fine”, and hopes that her participation in the event will garner the funds necessary to procure a new camera to further her Multimedia Arts career. Another competitor is Tiana Lee director of her film ”Out of the Woods”, and intends to purchase new film equipment if she wins the competition.

Also competing is Carlie Soldo, writer and director of her film “Close to Perfect”. As is common with our seniors, Carlie intends to purchase a camera is she wins the competition. Last on our list is a duo of seniors, Grace Burford and Erica Boslego. Their film is titled “Out of the Woods”, with Grace helming the screenwriting portion and Erica Directing. Unlike the rest of our seniors, both Grace and Erica hope to put any potential prize money towards their college tuitions, though Grace concedes a new camera could be quite tempting.

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