Irreparable Damage

Congratulations you two, you’ve done irreparable damage 
I’m surviving, not living day after day, I don’t know how much more I can manage.

My skin is on fire and my heart is burning 
It kills me that it’s your company that I’m yearning

I want a brand new start I want to move on, I want a brand new start 
But you were my best friends and now you’ve torn me apart.

Is it really that easy? Am I that easy to forget? 
I feel numb inside and I’m struggling with every breath.

Look at me, damn it! Look me in the eye
Haven’t I apologized enough? Does it look like a lie?

I know I seem like the bad guy here, you think that I didn’t choose
I had chosen from the beginning and now I have nothing left to lose.

You made me sacrifice it all, my family, heart and dignity
You’ve wrecked my life apart, you’ve nearly driven me to insanity!

You promised that you wouldn’t hurt me, promised that you wouldn’t leave
You’ve thrown me aside like some object and discarded me here to grieve.

I gave away pieces, pieces of my soul
All you’ve done is leave a huge dark hole.

I want to give up and I really don’t want to try
But I need to make amends to those I care about and I’m trying to get better, that’s why.

I don’t even know if you care about me anymore
Never again will I let someone take me for granted, about that, I am sure.

I’ll never forget you, you’ll always be in my prayers
I don’t know why but I still do care, even after all this misbehavior.

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