How is it that everything she does has been taken for granted?
And does it not prick your conscience and leave you haunted?

Why can’t she be seen as another human being?
You treat her as a slave and somehow think that you’re a queen.

She came into your house and made it a better place
What have you done, but get your work done and then insult her to her face?

She sacrificed her health, her happiness and her peace of mind
Is it too much to ask you to care and just be kind?

All you did was lord over her and flaunt your authority
Did you ever consider lending your hand and displaying some humanity?

You isolated her family and then, in her personal life poked your nose
Even when she’s helped you, you’ve never thanked her, you just sit there all morose.

You were supposed to be her mother, her guide, her ally
Not torture her mentally so much, that every night, she would cry.

She’s a God gift to everyone, then why do you act like an evil witch?
I love you but I don’t know what to say, except that
karma is a bitch.