Source: | Story source: Ven Ajahn Brahm

Good, bad, who knows!

I heard this story today…

A long time ago, a king went hunting with many other people including his doctor — his physician and his attendants. When he went riding his horse, he cut his finger. He called his doctor and shouted, “doctor, I cut my finger”. Then , doctor looked at his finger and put a little band across his finger. The king asked, “Is my finger going to be okay?”. Guess what the doctor said? “Good, bad, who knows”. The king was very confused, but, since the king was so much enjoying his hunting, he went on hunting. When he got back to the palace, he had to call the doctor again, because his finger was inflamed and painful. The doctor took the bandage off and said, “Yes, your majesty, your finger is infected. I will put some ointment on and bandage it”. The King asked the doctor again, “Is my finger going to be okay now?”, For the second time, the doctor said “ Good, bad, who knows”. In few days, the king had to call the doctor again. His finger was black and infected very badly. The doctor had no choice but, to amputate the finger. This time. King never asked any question from the doctor, he just threw the doctor into jail. The king was so angry, he locked the door of the jail himself and said, “you are stupid, you couldn’t even cure my finger. You can suffer in jail”. King then asked the doctor, “what do you think been in the jail?”, The doctor laughed and said, “Your majesty, good, bad who knows”.

The king went back and a few weeks later, after his wound was cured, king was on a hunt again. The king went behind an animal very fast and no one managed to keep up with him. He got separated from his attendants, and soldiers and he got totally lost in the forest. He went deeper and deeper into the jungle and he got captured by indigenous tribes who lived inside the jungle. They practiced a very old religion where every month, on a full moon day, they sacrifice someone by the name of their god. They usually sacrifice animals but, now they have a king. They thought, the god must be very excited and happy to accept a king and they will get very very good luck due to it. They all started dancing and playing their music instruments, the priest started chanting loud while keeping a sharp knife, wanting to cut king’s throat any moment. The time came, priest moved the knife towards the king and somebody started shouting, “Stop, Stop — that man is not perfect, he is missing a finger. We can not offer an imperfect man to our god. that will be bad luck”. When they saw that the king was imperfect, they had no choice but to let him go, set him free. So, the king walked back to the palace, he realized losing a finger had saved his life. He thought that doctor was very right and losing the finger wasn’t a bad thing, it was a good thing. As soon as he went to the palace, he went to the jail and released the doctor. The king said,” you are so wise, if you did not amputate my finger, I wouldn’t be live, It was a good thing, thank you so much”. The doctor, surprisingly said, “What do you mean your majesty? If you did not put me into jail, I would have been with you in that hunting and I have 10 fingers”.

That was a story that shows you that when bad things, unfortunate things happen in our life, we really don’t know whether they are good or bad. Sometimes, they turn out to be very good. Whatever happens in your life, don’t try to judge them too much and get stuck at them. Move ahead, sometimes, what you think unfortunate can turn out to be the best thing could happen in your life. I have many personal stories relevant to this story. If wasn’t born in a poor family, I will never be the person who I am today. If I did not got less marks for my A/Ls, I would never be a project manager to enjoy my job etc. When I think of all of it, they all happened for a reason. What do you think? Do you think whatever happened to you so far are really bad? I don’t think so — Don’t judge, go through them, enjoy the present moment, surely, you will do much better than what you think.

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