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Windows 10 now supports Windows Subsystem for Linux and it let you run GNU/Linux environment on top of the Windows system.

I am going to walk through the minimum setup for Golang development with Windows 10 + WSL.

The setups are:

  • Installing WSL
  • Installing Ubuntu for the WSL
  • Installing Docker
  • Installing VS Code
  • Installing Golang in WSL

Before you start, check your windows version with Windows Key + R and then type winver.

When you are using samsung Dex mode, you find that Netflix app can’t be open in full-screen mode. And it force you to keep watching it in small screen.

This tutorial might be useful if you having this conditions but not limited to:

  1. Not a tech expert. Since no need to root your phone at all.
  2. Having slow / unstable internet connection that force you to download your Netflix movie first and watch it without buffer after it is fully downloaded.
  3. Enabling Smart Downloads feature from Netflix.

Declaimer: I am using Samsung Galaxy S8 for this tutorial. …

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Photo by Maximilian Weisbecker on Unsplash

Currently I’m working on a growing start up company as a software engineer. For day to day basis I need write golang code that able to serve a highly mutable business requirement. Since we know that business is never converge and it is only diverge linearly as the business grows.

If you are on the same path as me, I believe you also notice that people (engineers) are often come and go. The code on that company also outlives a single engineer as well. Those problems may describe our work environment, an industrial context.

Industrial programming means writing code once and maintaining it perpetuity. What I mean with maintenance here is a practice of reading and refactoring the code. Based on Peter Bourgon talks about industrial programming, I learnt that industrial programming favor reads and dependency injection is a powerful tool to optimize for read comprehension. …


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