Instamojo road-map explained.

Instamojo road-map explained and suggested few features that can add value and increase customers and merchants.


I made the below mentioned roadmap for Intamojo as it is from 2014–2017 July.

In this below image you will see the timelines and updates and features announced as per current market trends and customer need base.

Instamojo road-map as it is from 2014–2017 July.

Now, let me take you through the (Re-prioritized) entire new way of road-map that I would suggest that the earlier map should have been in this way…from 2014–2017 July.

Re-prioritized Instamojo road-map as it is from 2014–2017 July.

I made lot of changes in previous years updates ( 2014–2017).Images provided above, one can clearly understand that Instamojo still needs to adopt to the changes as per market trends and to serve the large number of customer need base.

Keeping in mind the competitors of Instamojo, and order of features / updates have to in align with progressive mode. And hence this would’ve increased more customer base and increase in merchants as well.

Now, let me finalize the road-map with all new features that can be included for the upcoming 2–3 quarters.( 2017 July on wards)

All new proposed Instamojo road-map as it is from 2017 July onwards

To conclude, adding to the benefit of digital India and making use of the Internet availability and ease of internet enabled mobile devices… one should make use of the digital payments to increase the revenue for there business.

Customer is the ultimate goal. To ease the experience of usability and experience is the key.

Quote : Let’s do the instant shift to get into the leap change.

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