How AC companies advancing the “Heat wave in India” (2017)

In this article will see how AC companies advancing the “Heat wave in India” (2017) by solving customer pain points in this area and which made different types of customer to buy as per their needs and wants.

1) Auto Filter Clean Technology within AC itself

2) Low maintenance by adopting automated technologies

3) Consistent cooling in every time

4) Maximum energy-saving

5) Motion Sensor

6) Light Sensor

7) Human Sensor

8) Elegant, stylish, slim, design.

9) Study cool compressor

10) All weather comfort.

11) Precision Cooling in Decimals

12) Air conditioner with mosquito away technology

13) Technologies powered by 3M tech

14) Dual inverter compressor

15) Filter clean indicator . . . etc

With the above mentioned some features, we can easily say that the “Heat wave in India” (2017) definitely made tremendous competition to serve each category of customer in the market.

Along with above features, I would predict the next heat wave might bring more Eco-friendly along with some other additional features into it.

1) Solar powered air conditioner — which is already in place. But most of the customers rarely going for it.

2) Generating electricity from AC within itself — re-use of electricity.

3) Inventing “Dual Role Refrigerator” — which can be used as “both Refrigerator and Air Conditioner — portable device supplied along with it.

4) Using ozone-safe cooling agents and might be a part of law that need to be abide to ensure healthy ozone layer.

5) Operating AC’s via our Android and iOS phones from anywhere, anytime

6) Small and Portable AC’s which can be carried along with you anywhere, anytime and can be charged with ease, LED light and USB usage etc.…

Please feel free to add some more or leave any comments on the same…