What causes my headache? (2nd part)

Can’t you find the cause of your headaches? Don’t you know, why do you have them? Than maybe the reason is inside your mental health. Headache is the symptom that we need to attract attention to ourselves- that we do something wrong with our lives.


Do you know that you have a lot work to do, but you are extremely fatigue? Your subconscious mind is trying to protect you by giving you a headache, because then you will stop working and rest your body and mind.
  1. Don’t work over your capacity
  2. If you can do something tomorow and you are fatigue — leave ir now!

Anger, stress and anxiety

Do you need to meet and contact with someone you don’t like? You hate him or her, but you force yourself to be kind? The reason, why you have headache, is because you feel one emotion, but act absolutely different. That causes anger, stress and anxiety in yourself. You have an inner conflict, because you don’t act as you feel. What to do?
  1. You can always cancel a meeting with this person
  2. Think, why don’t you like this person? You know, that if there is anger inside us, there is a reason. It can be past resentment or maybe this person reminds you about some bad past experience. You need to find, how you can deal with it! Maybe this person is a mirror of yourself and you need to change yourself to solve your headache problems?

Remember that underestimation of self, self-criticism is manifestation of anger, which lays inside you.


It causes stress and anxiety

  1. Learn to trust the world
  2. Love and trust yourself

You don’t want to do something

Have you heard those jokes about women, who always justifies with headache when they just don’t want to have sex? Maybe you don’t want to do something that you must do and your subconscious mind just protects you from it?
  1. Find out, what is the thing you can’t stand
  2. Try to find, how you can solve the situation

You want the world and yourself to be perfect

Maybe you want to be the most perfect creature on this earth? There is no problem, if you want to be better. Headache starts when you try to reach the goal by criticising and judging yourself. When you have low self esteem.
  1. Take some tasks, which will make you to rise your self-esteem.
  2. Fall in love with yourself
  3. Remember, that no one is better or worse than you are. You are what you need to be.

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