VR DROP AND SHARE’s Press Release

VR DROP AND SHARE Allows Users To Create And Share Their Own Social VR Experience

VR DROP AND SHARE is the first free mobile platform that allows users to create and share their own social virtual reality experiences. Through VR DROP AND SHARE, virtual reality is now made accessible, shareable and simple for everyone. The app is developed by VRCraftWorks, who have been building mobile VR apps for business customers since 2013 and was behind Orbulus “top 10 VR apps out there for the mobile market”.

This is the ideal tool for use in multiple markets such as real estate and development (or for virtual tours of event space, wedding venues, or college campuses), advertising and marketing, journalism, and education, healthcare and more. Additionally, geographically distant friends and family can relive special moments such as birthdays, celebrations and holidays.

Here is a screen recording from a phone, showing VR DROP AND SHARE in action. 2 people, different locations using a “VR Drop” at the same time to view and discuss the content (No sound recorded— You can’t hear us talking to one another), click the play button!

VR DROP AND SHARE explains their technology below:

VR DROP AND SHARE uses 360 degree photos to create these shared virtual spaces, called “VR Drops”. With the addition of voice over IP users can bring their experience to life, relive memories or explain content to anyone, anywhere in the world. VR DROP AND SHARE requires nothing more powerful than a smartphone to create, share and view this content, the same smartphone already owned by most people. Users can easily and quickly create and view their own VR experience using VR DROP AND SHARE. Just drop multiple 360° pictures into a project to create an immersive VR photo album. From there the creator can invite friends, family, students or customers to view the “VR Drop” or can view the “VR Drop” in solo mode. Sharing with others is simple by posting a link on social media, email, website or SMS. At the click of a button your VR content has the ability to be viral, without the need for other users to log in or sign up, they just enjoy your experience.

This image shows 2 people in different locations enjoying the same “VR Drop”

The presenter controls the experience, when they move to the next 360 photo, everyone moves with them. Head tracking sensors allow everyone within the experience see where each viewer is looking, increasing the levels of engagement within the group. The app is so flexible and easy, users do not even need for a VR headset to participate, they can use their phone as a window into the newly created world.

Available for free on Android (iOS out soon), users can easily and quickly create and view their own VR experience. To get on the iOS waitlist click here!

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VR DROP AND SHARE is developed by VRCRAFTWORKS. VRCraftworks has been building mobile VR apps for business since 2013 and was behind Orbulus “top 10 VR apps out there for the mobile market”. We have delivered apps on both the Google and Apple platforms for companies in the UK, USA, South Korea and Taiwan. Contact Jack Maddalena (44) +7904031405 jack.m@vrcraftworks.com