Just Get Used to Sweating Like a Crack Head

It is so warm here. After applying my millions of layers of protective ointments (Ok, two layers-sunscreen and mosquito repellent. But they are both so thick), I already feel like I’m sweating in the air conditioned hotel room. Then you walk outside, and all that stuff begins to drip off into your eyes and it’s just lovely. I really don’t mind it in general, but that room I am currently sitting in feels like a sauna. The truth is you get used to it so quickly outside, and it is absolutely the last thing on your mind when your on the streets of Agra.

This city is crazy!

Yesterday morning we woke up in Delhi and met our drivers for the weekend around 8 AM. We’re on a “tourist” part of the trip, and my god do they treat us so nicely. The group got split up between 3 cars, so I was in a car with my roommate (Jessie) and another girl named Sarah. Small world-Sarah and I discovered we went to the same high school and graduated a year apart. So cool! Our driver’s name was Ravi, and I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty sure we got the best driver. This guy was so interactive, educating us on every part of the expressway from Delhi to Agra (about a 3.5 hour drive-so many cool farms!). He pulled over so we could stop for selfies, and he played the best music the entire time. He even taught us how to properly dance to the music. Love you, Ravi. He gave us his business cards so we could keep in touch (again with the Indian hospitality! ❤) We got to stop at a roadside coffee shop and get marsala tea (Chai tea in US). Once we got to Agra, everything people say about roads in India became so apparent. I was in Delhi during a calm part of the night, and my hotel was right near the airport, so there wasn’t much opportunity to see the driving. But in Agra…holy smokes. Cars, tuck-tucks (rickshaws), bicycles, pedestrians, motorcycles, carriages, and animals all share the roads. Lanes are just suggestions. Literally-people drive on the other side of the road to pass others and it’s totally normal. Horns are constant. Families manage to fit four people on scooters. It is a mad house! The street vendors are so colorful.

My ride is here to go see the Taj Mahal, but I will tell you all about my luxurious hotel, the food, Agra Fort, and the Baby Taj as soon as I get a chance.

Bye guys! I’m off to see the Taj at sunrise :)

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