Miraval Resort & Spa

Feeling a little stressed? Or in need of a quick getaway? The Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona is perfect for you! This award-winning wellness spa and resort dedicates itself towards helping you feel more relaxed and calm about balancing life and personal well being. Miraval offers many different options including spa treatments, all sorts of workshops with health experts and a wide variety of daily activities including yoga, hiking and fitness.

This past spring, I took a trip to this resort with my mother as sort of a “girls getaway trip” and I could not have been more pleased! First we started off by getting a manicure and pedicure side-by-side treatment. While the service was excellent and we were always greeted with a smile, they offered us champagne, mimosas or any other beverage to quench our thirst. After our nail session, we decided to treat ourselves with a hair color followed by a scalp massage. Both nail and hair technicians were incredibly gentle, kind and more importantly very attentive!

This resort offers a wide variety of activities such as yoga, meditation, pilates and much more. My mother and I decided to attend an aerial yoga class. This could not have been more enjoyable. The instructor was awesome! She had been teaching this kind of yoga for over 10 years and was extremely passionate about it! Aerial yoga helps improve overall health, lengthens muscles and releases tension throughout your entire body. And I must say, after our first session, my body felt more relaxed than ever before!

If this doesn’t wow you, then maybe the hands-on culinary workshops may spark your interest! Yes, that’s right, a full on cooking demonstration to learn more about how to prepare and cook healthy, fine dining meals for yourself and others. This culinary workshop is targeted to teach you how to live and feel better both inside and outside your body with exploring different tastes and healthy meal options. This workshop increased our knowledge on food by a ton. We still continue to make these healthy food meals at home today.

So if you feel the need to getaway or simply want to relieve some stress, I would highly recommend checking out the Miraval Resort & Spa. This Resort was so memorable and both my mom and I left completely satisfied and still continue to use some of the techniques we acquired while on the trip! We will definitely be returning!

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