The Best of Eugene

If you are new to the Eugene, Oregon lifestyle, you should be happy to know that this is one of the most friendly and eventful communities ever. Eugene is known as a lively, eventful and spontaneous community. We have easy access to all sorts of fun things, including bike trails, numerous parks and gardens and tasty culinary options. Tune in on some fun facts about Eugene.


We are home of the University of Oregon, where we take pride in all sorts of academic accomplishments, sporting events as well as enroll many transfer students from all over the World, to help keep our community, unique, fun and diverse! Oh, and did I mention The University’s athletic department is sponsored by Nike?

2. Run Forest, Run!

Eugene is also the only city to host three consecutive U.S. Olympic Team Trials. In honor of our customized track and field on campus, The Olympic trials have been held in Eugene for several years and continues to hold an outstanding image for our community.

3. Beer, Beer and More Beer!

The people in Eugene have always had an admiration and taste for good beer, so likewise, Eugene has expanded in some of the best breweries ever. Downtown Eugene is filled with bottle-shops, tap houses and growler fill stations. Some of our more well known breweries include McMenamins, Rogue and Ninkasi. So if you enjoy a tasty, fresh and unique beer, you’ve come to the right place.

4. Just Do It!

Eugene is the birthplace of Nike. Former Olympian and University of Oregon Track Coach Bill Bowerman teamed up with Phil Knight in the makings of Nike. Visit the Oakway Center in Eugene, where you can shop until you drop at the Nike store! Phil Knight is actively involved in supporting the progression of the University of Oregon and has even contributed in building many of the campus buildings and sports venues.

5. I’m On a Bike!

Currently, Eugene Oregon is ranked as the “most bicycle friendly cities.” With hundreds of miles of dedicated bicycle lanes and paths there are countless of fun adventures to be made. Residents and visitors can easily enjoy a nice ride outside through campus, rural areas and even a path that will take then to the neighboring town or Springfield, Oregon. Fun fact, Eugene has more bridges for bicycles than for cars. The benefits of bicycling are endless and should only be easily accessible for those who wish to ride.

6. Food, Dance and More!

Every Saturday starting from the first Saturday in April through mid-November, a section of downtown Eugene is blocked off for 7 hours to the public! This is a weekly handcrafted marketplace that is locally known as The Saturday Market. This is a great place to dine, dance, shop and surround yourself with fun culture! If you enjoy fresh veggies, beautiful live music, exploring new food and enjoy shopping for handcrafted wares, then the Saturday Market is the place for you!

While I have listed several awesome things about Eugene, it’s important to note that there is more than meets the eye. Eugene offers a whole lot more than words on paper. To really get a taste of Eugene and see for yourself what all the hype is about, come visit us. We hope to see you soon!