#12 Michigan VS #7 Michigan State

This game with these two they almost practically hate each other because every game they play they go all out on each other and it almost always usually ends with one of the teams to beat the other one by 15 points or more and I am watching the game right now and I will be giving an update on the score as I watch the game. In my opinion I want Michigan State to win.

So far right now Michigan is winning right now and this year based on how good they are right now with there teams and ranks this game should be close. Michigan has taken the lead of 7–0 and there running back Sione Houma rush up the middle for a 2 yard touchdown.

Ok now Michigan State just scored with a rushing touchdown and LJ Scott was his name and wow he is tough and quick feet what happened is he got the ball rushed to the right, and went about 3 yards until 2 guys jumped on him and tried tackling him the last 8 yards he had to run but he ran with them on top of him until he ran into the touchdown then they let go.

Michigan’s kicker made a 38 yard field goal.

Score 10–7


Start of third quarter and Michigan gets the ball first.

Michigan just scored but the play right before it was an amazing play the quarterback handed it off to Jabrill Peppers and he ran 28 yards to the 1 yard line and then the next play Siona Houma ran a 1 yard touchdown.

Score 17–7 Michigan winning.

Michigan State just made a huge play to keep the game alive the quarterback Connor Cook passed to Macgarrett Kings for 30 yards. This was the longest scoring play of the day

Score 17–14 Michigan winning.

Michigan’s kicker made a 21 yard field goal

Score 20–14 Michigan winning

Michigan’s kicker made another 38 yard field goal

Score 23–14 Michigan winning

Michigan State made another huge play and this play was enormous. Christian Cook threw the ball to his tight end Trevon Pendleton for a 74 yard play. WOW!! He was wide open and was gone. But it is a bummer that he didn’t score on that enormous play and got stopped at the 1 yard line but luckily that LJ Scott scored with a 1 yard touchdown on the next play.

Score 23–21 Michigan winning

“Come on Michigan State you can do this show your strength.”

2:20 seconds left in the game.

Michigan States quarterback Christian cook threw the ball 50 yards down the field on 4th down with 1:50 left in the game and the ball got smacked away and now its Michigan’s ball

10 seconds left