College Football: #9 Texas A&m VS #10 Alabama

Football is great sport to talk about because you always talk about your home team like for example, Florida, Alabama, Baylor, Ohio State, TCU, etc. With many teams to talk about during the weekend and after the weekend you never have anything to run out of to say, because you always talk about cool plays, what the score was, how many yards they had against that team, and their future of the season.

Christian kirk is a dangerous wide receiver if he can get into the open Alabama will have trouble stopping him and the reason for that is because he has blazing speed and immaculate catching and incredible cutting, he can cut corners like no other receiver can. Like for example when he was playing last week and this was my favorite play of the whole game. The quarterback named Kyle Allen threw it to him then Christian Kirk ran about 6 to 11 yards then a safety was coming up to nail him and there was a guy right behind Christian and at the right moment he made a juke to the left which made the linebacker and the safety clash into each other which was hilarious, then he ran about 15 more yards and by that time I thought he was gone by then and all the sudden a cornerback came out of nowhere and dove at Kirk, he missed because he jumped over him and then Christian ran for 40 to 60 yard touchdown.

Myles Garrett is a huge dude for a Sophomore at Texas A&M he is 6 foot 5 220 pounds of pure muscle and he is only 19. He is one of the best linebackers that ever came to Texas A&M, if the offense can’t stop him the quarterback is going to have a rough game of getting a big time smack down. He is on the defensive line a lot of the time with the defensive ends and he is tough to go against, he had 12 sacks on his freshman year what a great job for a linebacker, he also has quick hands, feet and has such amazing hit power and thats what makes him so fast and an amazing player so Alabama offensive line will have tough time stopping him.

Blake Barnett is Alabama’s quarterback he has quick feet and is able to get out the bag of defenders and get to the outside a lot to see his wide receivers get open and thats what Myles Garrett doesn’t know and has to look out for. With Blake Barnett's confidence the defense will have a tough time scoring getting to if his offensive line can help him. Blake is always relaxed in the pocket which is bad thing for the defense because the more relaxed he is, the higher chance the team is going to get down the field quicker and score, so look out Aggies. But with his relaxed confidence he is able to take his time and look down the field for his wide receivers or he can make trouble with his feet.

Good Luck Crimson Tide and Aggies.

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