The Weekend with Jacob Pt 1

Oh man we had so much fun I don't know where to begin. I’ll start off with us at our Cross Country meet we both finished under 30 minutes, Jacob had 22:45 and I had 29:11 we both did a great job because we both beat our time from our last race.

Later we both got a ride to my house for the weekend, and as soon as he stepped into my house he said, “wow your house is mostly made of wood.” After that I showed him where he was gonna stay, then I showed him the upstairs of my house and what he really liked was my workout room and he was all over my workout machines especially my hoist fitness machine.

About 30 minutes later we went downstairs and had some dinner, then went outside and once he saw my pool Jacob said, “Calvin your making me look poor here.” We walked out of the pool area and I showed him my basketball court and then he saw my boat and he said, “you have a boat oh my god how much stuff do you have” and I said,” thats it. For about 10 to 25 minutes we played basketball and when we were trying to dunk of the hoop we were both complaining about much our legs hurt, then we ran to my lake and once we got to the end of the dock I said, “Jump in” Jacob said, “I can’t see the bottom. After about 3 minutes he jumped then I did right away and we both came up freaking out about how cold it was. When we got out we went straight to the pool, I jumped in and came up out of the water screaming like a 6 year old girl. Jacob came up the stairs running at the pool saying “challenge excepted” he jumped in and came up doing the same thing I did. After we got out of the pool we played with air soft guns for an hour then got picked up to go to the property.

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