The Weekend with Jacob Pt 2

The next morning were at the property everyone wakes up at like 10, Jacob and I were the last ones up. So we got ready and started heading to the barn where the four wheelers were and I asked him if he actually has been on one before and luckily he said yes or I would have given him a whole lecture about how to use one. All I had to teach him was how to shift and all you do is lift the gear up with your foot, but you have to use a little force on it.

Jacob and I are on the four wheelers and I’m showing him around all 71 acres. What I showed him is what the property looked like, then we went to this area where my brother and I made paths to this 15 foot jump, first my brother and I showed him how we jumped the jump and he thought it was so cool he wanted to jump right away. First we told him make sure you have to go fast if you want to get some air. I saw him do jump and on the first try he go really go air maybe about a foot, after a few times we did jumped, I went one time going full speed and once my front wheels were off the end i knew I was going to go really high. After I landed both Jacob and my brother were screaming “HOLY CRAP CALVIN YOU WENT SO HIGH,” then I asked how high did I go and they both said at least 3 feet.

Later we went back to the front of the property and I showed Jacob all the horses and showed him who was who. We started feeding them and after feeding them one of the horses started licking Jacob and I’s elbow. We jumped part of the fencing so we can pet the horses easier and then we saw the donkeys and they were not being jackasses. After we petted all the animals, Jacob, my brother and I were all talking about different things and one of the things were ideas for on where to put a tree house in the trees.

Throughout the day Jacob and I keep going on the four wheelers to the back and up front. On the last time we went out to the back I took the gator and Jacob took the smallest four wheeler I had. First we went to the jumping area and I watched Jacob jump a few times. After that I took the farthest trail in the back of the property and I wanted to show him a new path of the property and about 10 percent through we got stuck because there was 2 trees blocking the path. Now were both trying to figure out a way of moving the trees and we got bummed out a little because we thought we didn't have one of the machetes we had with us, until Jacob went and looked in the gator and saw the big machete sitting in the backseat, once I saw that he had it in his hand both us were like thank god because we didn’t have to walk back and get one.

We kept thinking of ideas to move and brake the tree that was still connected to its roots and the best idea so far was trying to find where the tree was most vulnerable, after that I had an idea but I didn’t tell Jacob I just showed him. So I start hitting the tree about with about 80 percent of my strength at the end tree about 6 inches from where it shows the tree fell down. I took about 15 hits then gave it to Jacob and I told him we should switch off every 20 hits and then he said, “no lets just switch every time we get tired.” So we both kept switching off and we went kept going at it with all we had so we can get it done quick, when get half way through Jacob goes, “Calvin your on to something with that Màniac swing.” After that he started doing what I was doing, when I got the machete back and that was when we were about 90 percent done I started using the other side of the machete and started chopping on that side then Jacob says, “oh my god were both so stupid so so so stupid.” So I gave him the machete and he starts sawing and chops, saws, chops, saws, chops, then he gives it to me and I give the tree a good 7 chops and thens Jacob says, “STOP,” so I did and then Jacob says, “kick it at the same time as me” I say, “1,2,3.” we kicked it then the tree broke and then we moved the tree out of the way so we could go through.

Once we moved we went on through and went back to my RV to rest for the rest of the time we were at the property and then we left and dropped Jacob off at home.

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