THE BIG PICTURE: Have we been played?

Headlines across the country today scream that Donald Trump has been engaged with the Russians since early in his campaign. So let’s connect some dots and see if we get the picture. Trump (supposedly in jest) invites Russia to hack our election. Was that a “hide in plain sight gesture?” Were the plans to do just that already in the works?

Was Mitch McConnell in the loop? As he seemed awful intent on not even listening to the possibility of Supreme Court Justice nominee, Merrick Garland, a man the GOP once proposed for the very same post and a very middle of the road candidate. Or was he assured that the Russians would control the election and he would get Trump and an ultra-conservative, Scalia-clone for that seat?

The boy who cried “fake news and rigged” so much during the election, was that an indicator that he knew, IT WAS RIGGED! He was just covering his back so that people WOULD’NT question how over THREE MILLION VOTERS didn’t seem to have any effect on the Electoral College?

It has come to everyone’s attention recently that we are already in the midst of a dictatorship. Hard facts are now lies and alternate-facts are to be accepted. Steve Miller has gone on TV to say “The President is always 100% correct and must be believed without question.” Ethics are a thing of the past and any deviation won’t be investigated by the ruling junta of McConnell and Ryan and their toady Chaffetz. Tax Returns, Product endorsement, Emoluments? LOL the Pres. can do anything he wants. Checks and Balances, a “so-called” part of the Constitution. How much of this do we need to put up with?

The President is proud to be a man who rules from “the gut”, but my basic biology classes have taught me that the Brain is seat of wisdom and new ideas, the Heart is the seat of compassion and the Gut is just a place full of sh**.

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