Death by Mood Boards

Week two of Uni basically consisted of field trips, mood boards, scrolling through Pinterest for mood boards and then getting angry at work because said mood boards refused to cooperate. So basically I won’t bore you with too many details because I already had to go through the painful week that was.


Monday morning was a field trip to Fondazione Lisio, a weaving workshop just outside of Florence. We had a guide take us around and show us how the weavers used huge machines to make velvet and silk weaves which are then made into anything from rugs, to chair coverings or into Fendi bags.

Weaving Museum
Some of these sell for 6,000 Euro + a METRE!!!

Monday afternoon was the Gucci and Ferragamo museums located in central Florence.

We weren’t allowed to take photos in Gucci museum however the basic layout was two levels with a number of rooms, each room focusing on a different area of Gucci’s design history. The first was Gucci travel with the main highlight being a Gucci car done in collaboration with Chevrolet. Second room was focused on the renowned Gucci flora print that was originally designed for Grace Kelly and is still around today. The third room was a display of different types of Gucci bags, how they are made and the materials they are made of, ranging from everything from zebra to seal. 
 My favourite room of the day was a display of Gucci’s most famous red carpet pieces. The gorgeous dresses were worn by everyone from Blake Lively to Evan Rachel Wood. I hunted some images down on Google so you can see but seriously they were more amazing in real life! The fifth room was Gucci leisure, featuring everything from a bike to picnic sets to glasses and the final room was a timeline of Gucci’s most iconic bags and the transformation over time.

Gucci dresses — now in Gucci museum.

The next was Ferragamo shoe museum. Ferragamo has worked with some pretty amazing people (as noted in the below photo!) so it made the trip prety awesome. He also has some amazing looking shoes and the offices also have a pretty cool history — they are literally in a palace.

Angelina Jolie, Lauren Bacall & Audrey Hepburn
Wall of shoes — Ferragamo


Today we were back at Uni and had fashion styling and then fashion writing. We spent the morning starting to come up with mood boards for next week’s photoshoot which will slowly be edited over the next week. We have to have four boards: a cover (main inspiration), the pose/attitude/woman, clothing and accessories and finally hair and makeup. The stylist, hair and makeup artist and photographer will use our boards to build the photo shoot. Our finished boards will be uploaded next week.

In fashion writing we began our blog post which we will be assessed on based around our photo shoot. More to come on the post!


In the morning we had fashion blogging where we created our group blog domain name and logo. Our blog is called “Colab 5” as it is a collaboration between 5 girls.

In the afternoon we had fashion photography were we met the person we would be shooting with. His name is Francesco Francaviglia and here is his webpage if you wanted to check him out! He has some pretty amazing photographs and his first exhibit was in the Uffitzi Gallery in Florence (it’s a big deal).


By the time Thursday hit I was tired and sick and pretty over the day. We had the morning of field trips where we visited two jewellery makers, a designer and a shoemaker. It was really interesting watching people in their crafts and learning how much effort goes into each individual item of clothing or jewellery.

PENKO — Paolo the jewelry maker

In the afternoon we worked on our blog posts some more and showed our professor drafts of our pieces before the final product is due next week.

Making coins in PENKO



In the morning we worked on our mood boards again then in the afternoon travelled to nearby Prato to go to the textile museum (cue the yawns now please).

Textile Museum Prato
1920’s Style — Textile Museum, Prato
1920’s — Textile Museum, Prato

I can’t wait for the next week to be done and to go to London for a few days then start TOPDECK. Whose idea was it to do Uni on holidays? Oh wait… Me.

Ciao for now!

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