Ethical and legal implications of social media use in the workplace

Is using Facebook at work appropriate?

I live in a generation where having your phone on you 24/7 is a must. I mean, I sleep with my phone right next to my face. Teachers (most) understand that checking your phone in class is a normal habit. We feel as though we always need to be connected with people. Can this habit of checking your social media be innapropirate in certain circumstances or places such as work?

I believe it is inevitable that people will check social media while on work. I am in a Human Resources class right now and we learned about the legal implications such as going on Facebook has to a company. If one person sees a picture on your screen and finds it offensive, an investigation for inappropriate/offensive content could go on and no company wants to deal with that.

I think if you are on a break and want to check your social platforms, that is okay but might be a better idea to do on personal devices such as a phone. Using company computers could cause issues within the company standards.

I read through social media governance policies and found it interesting reading about employee expectations:

These rules are intended to give employees expected rules and actions that they are to abide by if they want to be apart of the company. I don’t necessarily believe they leave room for employee to make their voice with these rules because this is apart of the company culture expectations. I think this is to restrict employee’s online communication to make sure they can monitor and keep employees in line. Every company has secrets, expectations, and rules that need to be followed by employees.

At the end of the day it is important to stay in line with the guidelines a company has set. If a company does not want employees going on social media on company computers, they should have them blocked and the problem would be solved.