What is Going On ?

Every day I turn on the news and ask myself the same question — what exactly is going on with the world? It seems like day after day there is sad, scary, disgusting stories of recent events. They barely talk about anything “good” that is happening because honestly, I am sure those stories do not sell like these do.

It makes me worried for the ones that I love. And concerned for people that I do not know. I always wonder what is the right answer and honestly, I never think there will be one. The world will never be perfect. There will always be sickness, sadness, and bad people. But that does not mean that we should just all act like total jerks and never see the positive in anything.

I think it starts simply with ourselves. Be grateful. Be happy for what you have. Think about someone besides yourself. Smile. Open the door. Ask how someone’s day was. Buy your mom something nice. Those little acts of kindness are truly what keeps everyone going. Just think about all the happiness that could be creative if every one went out of their way to do one nice for someone.

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