23 Truths About Me

23 things that make me who I am at 23 years old. For almost every number on this list, there was a year in my life where that truth wasn’t true for me. This list helped me reflect on how much I’ve grown, from style, intelligence, spirituality, perspective, preferences, to self confidence and so on. Each of these numbers feel like the ladder of marks on the pantry doorway that measured my changing height as a kid. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the difference between where you’ve been in the past and where you’re at now.

  1. 85% of my life is spent in XL t-shirts
  2. Shoes are the only type of apparel I care about and actively drop big bucks on
  3. I’m ambitious
  4. But often I get scared of risks, change, and my potential…
  5. But I also give one hell of a self-pep talk to conquer those fears
  6. The only music I can’t jam to is screamo and hard rap
  7. My perfect morning involves classical jazz, a warm drink in hand, and reading that day’s news or a good book
  8. The only real reason I’m still on Facebook is for the animal videos
  9. I’ve always been overly-independent and self-sufficient
  10. I’m learning to be more inter-dependent
  11. I have a person
  12. The only reoccurring nightmare I have is about marriage
  13. I want to be a leader someday, a big one, that influences change and improves people’s lives
  14. I love creativity but usually ignore my natural inclinations for it
  15. I’m working on conquering self doubt
  16. I want a seat at the table
  17. I’ve learned to love people after I promised myself I wouldn’t
  18. I don’t like wearing bright colors
  19. Dodger baseball unexpectedly filled the hole in my heart that college soccer left this spring
  20. I’m 1/4 Irish
  21. I’m learning that fear can be empowering instead of crippling
  22. I want to always be the least intelligent person in the room
  23. I can do anything I choose to do