Evaluation of Credibility


The article on The Hastings Center website called, “Physician Assisted Death” was written by Timothy E. Quill and Bernard Sussman. The main point of the article is to inform the reader about what Physician Assisted Death is and all of the components that come with it. Quill and Sussman begin by framing the issue that society has with Physician Assisted Death, such as the Hippocratic Oath that prevents doctors from participating, federal legality challenges, and state referenda. They then continue on by explaining Physician assisted death in practice, and talk about studies that were performed in states and other countries where Physician Assisted Death has been legalized. Next, Quill and Sussman list multiple arguments that are both in favor of Physician Assisted Death, and also against it. To add clarity, Quill and Sussman include a section in the article that has important definitions of words that had been previously mentioned, and are related to Physician Assisted Death. To conclude, they close the article with stating last resort options, which are options that patients can take before resorting in Physician Assisted Death.


  • Timothy E. Quill MD, and Bernard Sussman MD
  • Timothy E. Quill Founding Director, Palliative Care Program, University of Rochester Medical Center. Bernard Sussman Member, Palliative Care Program and the Division of Medical Humanities and Bioethics, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Yes they are qualified to write about this topic because they both work in the Palliative Care Program and both are MD’s.
  • timothy_quill@urmc.rochester.edu, Bernard_sussman@urmc.rochester.edu
  • The homepage links to a page with articles that are all science and bioethics related. It includes journals, news articles, and essays.


  • The article is kept up to date because it has resources from just this past year so the information is current.


  • The links that are provided throughout the article are not dead ends, they take you to websites that provide charts and other information that is related to the topic of the article.
  • The links that are on the website take you to other articles that are related to bioethics, information about the website like who they are, what issues that focus on, and their publications and resources.


  • The audience for this paper is directed towards both the general public and scholarly audiences.
  • The purpose of the site is to inform and teach people about things in the scientific and medical field.


  • The information covered in this article is facts.
  • The language has no emotion rousing words other than in the beginning when introducing the topic.


  • The sources are clearly listed
  • The information has been reviewed
  • The information is free of grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors

Reliability and Credibility

  • People should believe the information written on this site because the articles and papers written, are written by professionals who have credentials like PHD’s and MD’s.
  • The information does seem well researched and valid because it has evidence to back it up.
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