Plant Accident

Who: Duane LaChance, What: He was electrocuted by 15,000 volts and suffered third-degree burns, Where: Petal Municpal Power Plant, Why: He accidentally touched the wrench while installing new pipes, When: Today, February 23, How: He accidentally touched a wrench

A pipe fitter employed by Gross Engineers suffered third-degree burns in an accident occuring while installing new pipes. Blind Lead

Duane LaChance, 53, was listed in serious condition in the intensive care unit after he was shocked by a power line carrying 15,000 volts.

McCartney Illness

Who: Peter McCartney, What: Had exploratory throat surgery, Where: Riverside Hospital, Why: Voice was reduced to a whisper at his previous concert, When: Today, February, 23, How: Was checked into the hospital today

Peter McCartney, renowned artist, was checked into Riverside Hospital today for exploratory throat surgery. Straight news lead

McCartney’s voice was reduced to a whisper during his performance in Bennett Auditorium the previous night, leading doctors to believe he throat needed to be checked out.

BOE Meeting

Who: Hattiesburg Board of Education, What: Enrollment has dropped, Why: Third year in a row this has happened, When: This morning, February 23, How: Passing new rules to be enforced proposed by administration

At a meeting today, the Hattiesburg Board of Education discussed the pressing matter of the declining enrollment of the school. Straight news lead

The enrollment this school year has dropped considerably, leaving assistant superintendent Max Hoemmelorfer very concerned, saying the future of the school looks “bleak.”

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